H.M. McMener, LLC

Proudly Providing Mental Health and Disabilities Support, Quality Assessment, Training, and Program Development Services 




Established in 2015, H.M. McMener is the vision of founder Dr. Monique Binger. As the mother of a child diagnosed with autism she recognized the need for comprehensive quality reform for the mental health and disabilities support community.


As a practitioner, Dr. Binger has experienced the difficulty of finding an appropriate balance between service delivery and regulatory compliance. She observed replicated tasks, inefficient use of human capital, financial manipulation, service negligence and improperly maintained facilities. Despite these circumstances, there were also extraordinary cases of effective knowledge and information management, as well as processes that generated positive individual outcomes.


How we do it


In her professional experiences, Dr. Binger noted the needed for better access to sensory equipment and tools, as well as adaptive clothing. She also saw a huge gap between how providers and parents communicate. She developed Seth's Mom to fill that gap, creating an online community for mental health and disabilities that provides easily digestible and accessible information. An environment that feels more like a family. This idea has evolved to include providing easy access to sensory items like weighted blankets, adaptive clothing, and more! 


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