H.M. McMener, LLC

Proudly Providing Mental Health and Disabilities Support, Quality Assessment, Training, and Program Development Services 

How we do it

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Personal and person-centered. No two approaches to quality support services are the same. What are your needs? How can we tailor our proven techniques to you and your community?

Triangulated assessment and a customized approached based on strengths and needs.

Training, support groups for your school or organization and ongoing program development. Your community needs are ongoing. Your needs are ongoing. We will continue to support you and the dynamic, complex, high-quality support your community requires.



The founder of H.M. McMener, Dr. Monique Day, is the mother of a child diagnosed with a disability and former residential support administrator. She has dedicated her academic, personal, and professional life to advancing quality, comprehensive mental health and disabiliy support services.

What we do


We provide a wide range of support, quality, and program development services for the mental health and disabilities community. From support groups facilitated by our advocacy and support web portal Seth's Mom,  to training programs, our mission is to provide contextual solutions that are customizable based on your needs, and the needs of your community. Visit our Services page to find out more.




Aligned Residential Mangement System or ARMSARMS is a triangulated, comprehensive, and inclusive method of assessing areas of strenth and training needs while incorporating the overall goals of the practitioner/provider, the service  community, and the needs of the service recipient. Our approach incoporates providing quality support services with a holistic approach to meeting your community needs. Whether in a school, home or any disabilities or mental health community.

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